Implementation Steps


If your business handles regulated consumer information, compliance can be achieved in three steps:

  1. Define and publish you company's document destruction policy
  2. Train your remote employees on the policy
  3. Provide a method which allows them to comply with the policy
We can help. Templates will help you create a policy. On-line web based training will insure each team member understands the policy. The Maxxafe System provides the method and measurement to make sure you stay in compliance.



  1. Small secure, slotted disposal containers are placed in the business office or POS.
  2. All paperwork generated in the office or store, with the exception of sales material and periodicals, is directed to the containers.
  3. When full, the container (about 35 pounds) is sealed.
  4. FedX is called to pickup the pre-addressed box which is shipped to our secure shredding facility.
  5. For a minimal per pound charge, the paperwork is shredded, baled, and shipped to a paper mill for recycling.


Pricing and Supplies